Health & Safety

We believe that we have the duty to protect the health of the people we employ and anyone affected by our work and keep them safe. We pride ourselves in familiarising ourselves with all procedures and policies that our clients have in place, and we make sure all our staff our informed about these before any work is started.

1 PAT Testing
Our electrical equipment are all tested and maintained on a regular basis, following the relevant legislation

2 Risk Assessment
Our Risk Assessments are continuous, which means that at each site an assessment takes place. Due to our successful communication with our staff, they are encouraged to voice any opinions or concerns that regard safety and incorporate these points into the next Risk Assessment.

3 Fire Safety
All are staff are prepped and required to follow the correct fire safety procedures at each site, they are all briefed on fire safety information including, fire assembly points for the sites where they work. An example of our procedures that must be followed is that our staff sign in and out at the beginning and end of each shift, to ensure that in case of a fire, emergency services can regulate and resolve who is and isn’t inside the premises.

4 Staff at COSHH Safety Training
Here at Greene Cleaning staff training is essential in the way we run. All members of our staff receive adequate COSHH safety training, covering the major key points such as, the correct way to use safety equipment, what to do in an emergency and the hazards of the cleaning products used. COSHH sheets which cover all the cleaning chemicals used are stored and kept in the same area as the chemicals themselves at all our locations..