Start & End of Tenancy

We understand the criteria required for a professional End of Tenancy Clean. When it’s time to move on choose Our End of Tenancy cleaning team, just call us on 020 7536 8555. Our team have been adequately trained and our fully equipped with the best cleaning machines and materials.

What our End of Tenancy Cleaners will do for you:
- We will mop or vacuum clean all floors in your home.
- We will clean all switches leaving them smudge and grease free.
- We will clean the interior of all attainable windows including their frames and sills.
- We will dust everywhere.
- We will wipe down all cupboards and doors, eliminating grime and fingermarks.
- We will sinks carefully, ensuring all taps are de-limed and hair or waste is removed from plug holes.
- We will empty and disinfect bins. - We will polish mirrors, clean showers and baths, and disinfect toilets.